The Art of Terrazzo

Art for Terazzo flooring in dubaiWork of stone is dated back to many years. Since man could break a stone, he worked with it. With time it has emerged into beautiful and advanced creations. There are many different types of stone works. One of the most common is the Terrazzo stonework. It is used all over the world to create a priceless effect of your floors. Terrazzo flooring in Dubai is done in fancy buildings, porches, houses and offices. All create a look that brings out the whole room. Terrazzo is not very hard to maintain overall. Terrazzo is usually designed as small chips of marble, glass and other materials that make up the pattern of the floor. The small abstract look gives it its aesthetic appearance

Maintain terrazzo at home:

All stone works need maintenance. In the same way, terrazzo does too. It is important to go for professional maintenance every once in a while but you need to care for it at home too. Here are a few ways in which you have to clean it up.

Regular Cleaning:

For regular cleaning of terrazzo floors, you can use the following methods.

  • Vacuum or wipe the floor to remove loose dust and grit from the plain surface
  • Using a microfiber damp cloth, wipe the surface gently without rubbing on too hard.
  • If you have spilled or have spotted, use a natural pH chemical to gently wipe it off. Remember to rinse the surface with clean water
  • Never leave the floor to dry off naturally. Always wipe with and old soft towel of cloth.

Intense cleaning:

Terrazzo stoneFor intense cleaning at home, use the following methods:

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove loose grit from the surface
  • Using a light stone cleaning chemical scrub a small area with a soft brush or broom. Continue in small areas until you are done with the whole surface
  • You can also keep the solution on for a couple of minutes and scrub it later
  • When you are done scrubbing, make sure to wipe the liquid off using a clean soft towel or cloth
  • Always rinse with clean water in the end
  • Never leave to dry naturally. Take a dry towel or cloth to wipe it off.

Professional maintenance of Terrazzo Flooring:

Maintenance at home is essential but you can also find professional maintenance for several problems of the terrazzo flooring.

  • You can use services of polishing terrazzo to give your floor a reflective and glossy finish. This gives the floor a new image
  • Chipped and broken terrazzo can also be fixed to make it look fresh and new
  • Services of sealing are also in the market to increase durability and to maintain the color and the chips of the floor.

Terrazzo flooring is extremely durable. It gives a good impression to your visitors and it is easy to maintain at home and professionally. It is in fashion for houses and offices and having terrazzo flooring becomes worthwhile once you install.