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Home Depot company delivers cleaning services for residential and commercial premises, as well as outdoor areas: pools, yards, sheds and garages. We understand the importance of leisure time for everyone, an ability to devote some time to personal needs, hobbies, interesting activities, sports or family time. Our services allow to find some free time in an intense daily schedule. Our qualified personnel are the Home Depot main tool. They practice an attentive, comprehensive and trustworthy business approach. We set a high value on our customers’ experience, and do our best to develop a permanent base of satisfied clients.

Home Depot provides a diversified range of cleaning services, including spring cleans, as well as weekly, daily, industrial and outdoors services.

For specified customer needs, we conduct windows and facades clean, washing and pressing, surface polish and abrasion, mold and lime scale removal, post-renovation clean, dry cleaning, carpets and upholstery renewal, weekly or daily housekeeping.

Home Depot secures its customers from unsatisfactory experience and provides an opportunity to check a serviced room or apartment within 24 hours. In case of imperfections or low quality of our services, we guarantee to correct mistakes or return money. Safety is another priority of Home Depot. Our staff goes through an interview, a training and a safety check before actual participation in our business. However, our clients are welcome to monitor the process through Skype or personally. Please contact us for more details.


  • Engineering Systems

    The aim of maintenance and operation of engineering systems is provision of uninterrupted functioning of vital systems of the object. The team of specialists of HOME DEPOT is ready to provide a convincing and continuous operation of all engineering systems at your facility.

    Modern properties are a set of complex engineering systems that require proper maintenance and professional maintenance.

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  • Glass Cleaning

    The company HOME DEPOT offers professional cleaning of Windows and facades of residential buildings, private buildings, offices, industrial premises, shops, restaurants and many other facilities.
    The use of modern technologies allows us to perform a washing of facades at any height. The usage of certified high-quality detergents, equipment and machinery ensures excellent results.

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  • Office Cleaning

    The clean office for the owner is a positive impression about the company in the eyes of customers and visitors. Agree with us that entering in to tidy the room, where daily cleaning of the office is done, the client feel more comfortable.
    Do not forget that cleanliness in the office favorably affect your employees.
    Office cleaning is a one or regular complex cleaning, when a complex of different types of work is done efficiently and professionally in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

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  • Rug Cleaning

    Carpets and fitting carpets are one of the most common types of flooring. With everyday use of the carpet, it becomes dirty easily and absorbs a lot of harmful bacteria, accumulates a lot of dust and dirt. All of this can cause an allergy and discomfort. It is very important to control the cleanliness of carpets and fitting carpets at home and in offices.
    The company HOME DEPOT is ready to provide promptly and professionally the service for the cleaning of carpets and fitting carpets with visit of your office, apartment, private house. Experienced specialists and highly qualified staff will make your carpet clean and fresh with great pleasure.

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  • Sewer Cleaning

    One of the main tasks, standing in front of energy and communal services is sewer network cleaning of different part of city's municipality. HOME DEPOT started its cooperation with the production company of Limens, which is one of the largest manufacturers of washing machine of high pressure, in UAE to solve these problems.
    In this environment, we work on a technology that has repeatedly proven itself. This is not surprising, because it was developed by highly qualified specialists. Employees of HOME DEPOT learned technological processes and now successfully apply them. The implementation of such projects requires the use of specialized high-tech equipment, which our company has.

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  • Yacht Cleaning

    Cleaning of yachts and boats are activities that should be carried out regularly and efficiently. Their service life, aesthetic appearance, sanitation and reliability depend on it.
    Cleaning of yachts and boats is considered a specific cleaning service, and not many companies provide it. This is because the fact that yachts and boats require special professional care, often connected with risk for life.

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