A Guide on How to Rent a Generator in Dubai

Companies set up in Dubai always need to hire generators to ensure their operations run smoothly and without interruptions. But then, the hardest yet somewhat easy task is choosing the perfect generator to satisfy your specific requirements. Generators are useful in situations such as scheduled shutdowns, sand storms, fire, or even outdoor events like media coverage, shows, or exhibitions that rely on electric equipment. All these situations will have different generator types. For example, a generator for a mobile media van should have different specifications from a backup generator in the main media house. When you rent a generator, you will save yourself a tone of stress. How?

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It’s More Economical than a Standby Generator

The prospect of buying and owning a generator may seem economical, but it’s not. You’ll have to buy additional parts, pay for installation, regularly maintain, and in case it stops functioning, you’ll have to buy another. A rented generator comes with a cable kit, distribution panels, earth rods, and everything that’s required for it to work, and you’ll not have to pay more. Plus, you’ll be dealing with professionals who know which type of generator is ideal for your specific needs. So why should your organization, whether it’s a school or company, stop operations when you can rent 1,250kVa generators at an affordable rate?

Is it for Emergency Purposes?

How much money will you lose in the event there is a power outage? In case there is a disaster, such a devastating sand storm or fire, how fast can the company resume operations? These are fundamental questions every company executives should ask themselves. A wise leader does not wait for a disaster to come up with a solution; you anticipate hazards and take precautions. You need to have a generator rental company’s contact on speed dial. It would be best if they are the same ones who gave you your backup generators. But for such a scenario, request for 50kVa to 500kVa generators with remote bulk fuel tanks.

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Is it for an Event?

So, you’re planning an event, and you need to have your equipment up and running in the shortest time possible. What do you do? First, you need to find a generator system that produces enough power and is easy to install. That’s why a “plug and play” generator system is ideal. This system enables easy installation and also ensures that the cables are easily fitted, and the sockets are coded (mostly color-coded) for easy identification ad set up. Typically, you’ll need three-phase generators with a power output ranging from 30kVa to 110kVa.

Are You Relocating Your Company Offices?

Sometimes relocating may mean a halt to normal business activities. But this does not have to be the case; you can seamlessly relocate and still have your systems running. For example, a 200kVa generator can sustain your communication and IT infrastructure running before you settle into your new location. Now that you know all these, why don’t you let a reputable generator rental company be your Energy solutions in Dubai partner? You need protection from equipment rental shutdowns in Dubai?