Home Depot's Engineering Systems

The aim of maintenance and operation of engineering systems is provision of uninterrupted functioning of vital systems of the object. The team of specialists of HOME DEPOT is ready to provide a convincing and continuous operation of all engineering systems at your facility.

Home Depot-Engineering Systems-in-DubaiHome Depot-Engineering Systems-in-Dubai

Modern properties are a set of complex engineering systems that require proper maintenance and professional maintenance.

  • Heating systems (central heating unit, feeding system, metering);
  • System of hot and cold water supply (household and drinking water supply, fire water supply, metering);
  • System of ventilation and air conditioning (air system heating, ventilation, air curtains, air conditioners, system of cold air supply);
  • System of firefighting and removal of smoke;
  • Lighting systems (internal, external and emergency);
  • Security system, alarm system and video surveillance;
  • Wastewater system (sewage stations, drainage system, drains, storm water drain);
  • System of electricity supply (power equipment of engineering systems, transformer substations);
  • Dispatch systems (dispatch console);
  • Low voltage systems (cable and fiber-optic communications, CCTV, fire alarms, burglar alarms, computer networks, Internet, video intercom, TV, etc.);
  • System of automation and management of buildings;
  • Lifting equipment (lifts, escalators and travelators system);
  • Systems of automation;
  • Systems of gas distribution and gas usage (boilers, hydrofracturing);
  • Development of instructions on technical servicing, repairs, health and safety, electrical and fire safety;
  • The conclusion of the contracts of subcontracting with specialized service organizations.

A comprehensive maintenance of engineering networks allows to dispense and plan costs, to increase market value of the object, as well as the maintenance of preventive works to minimize and eliminate the probability of accidents and failure of system elements.