Home Depot's Office Cleaning

Home Depot-Office Cleaning-in-Dubai

The clean office for the owner is a positive impression about the company in the eyes of customers and visitors. Agree with us that entering in to tidy the room, where daily cleaning of the office is done, the client feel more comfortable.

Do not forget that cleanliness in the office favorably affect your employees.

Office cleaning is a one or regular complex cleaning, when a complex of different types of work is done efficiently and professionally in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Office cleaning is one of the priority directions of the cleaning company HOME DEPOT. As you have already understood, is not enough just to wipe the floors and to take out the garbage, if you want to achieve a good result at cleaning of the office. It is necessary to entrust this work to professionals in the cleaning business, HOME DEPOT, because the list of the services on daily complex cleaning of offices is much wider.

  • Wet cleaning of hard floors;
  • Vacuuming of carpet;
  • Removal of dust from accessible surfaces (office equipment, furniture, skirting boards, window sills, radiators);
  • Cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces;
  • Wiping of interior elements (lighting, eaves);
  • Removal of local pollution on doors and partition walls;
  • Wiping of switches, sockets, door handles;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathroom units;
  • Restore of a reserve of liquid soap, toilet paper and paper towels;
  • Collection and removal of garbage bags.

When we clean the office, we always pay attention to the floor coverings required special care. We offer comprehensive services for the care of floors, which includes not only the daily cleaning of offices, but applying a protective composition to increase the wear resistance of flooring.

Today the cleaning company HOME DEPOT has enough experience and resources to provide quality service for the cleaning of offices to our clients. We also have a complete set of necessary equipment and supply of chemicals for office cleaning of our future customers.

  • To reduce financial and time expenses on reception of own staff of cleaners;
  • To remove the obligation for the purchase of consumables, chemicals and repair of technological equipment;
  • To provide more important work for economic departments;
  • To focus on the main business activities without being distracted by questions on cleaning of the office;
  • To reduce costs and risks in hiring unqualified staff to clean your office;
  • To achieve and keep a certain standard of quality, which the hired staff cannot ensure.