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Home Depot-Cleaning Services-in-Dubai

We want to offer you a wide range of professional services of cleaning of apartments, offices, carpet cleaning, window washing, etc.

What is professional cleaning? In the Western hemisphere, this business has already received proper development, but cleaning companies in UAE confidently pulled up to the level of service of foreign leaders of this spectrum of services. A professional approach requires special cleaning techniques and cleaning products for complex jobs. The most important condition of quality cleaning is the level of professionalism of the employees, doing the work. Their diligence and thoroughness in the performance of professional duties provides impeccable cleanliness, which stays for a long time after the completion of a comprehensive cleaning. They will save you from the dirty work and save your valuable personal time.

Our cleaning company provides the formation of operational mobile teams to render the services quickly in time.

  • Our cleaning services:
  • General cleaning;
  • Cleaning of apartments and cottages;
  • Washing of windows and facades;
  • Comprehensive maintenance of real estate;
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • Dry cleaning of carpets;
  • Care for hard floors;
  • Restoration of mirror shine of surfaces of natural stone;
  • Service of stain-resistant carpets;
  • Cleaning the territory;
  • Removal of garbage and snow.
  • UV printing on glass.

Our main direct is cleaning of apartments

We use eco materials and chemical products of the highest quality for daily cleaning of apartments with visit to your house in Dubai. Call our manager to order required cleaning services.

We work with modern equipment and use efficiently new technologies.

The quality and prices of cleaning for organizations and individuals allow to control a specially designed work program for each project, which indicates the cost of services and a well-chosen professional chemicals and equipment.

List of our services includes any post-building cleaning of apartments and places after repair or relocation, chemical carpet cleaning in a cottage and other services. Even after the building or repair, we will be able to restore the pristine purity. Our credo is constant care about our customers and constant work with discounts for them.

Cleaning of offices

Office cleaning from HOME DEPOT will make your office bright and clean. Call our manager and he will tell you about the discounts on our services for corporate clients. We work on the basis of regular long-term contracts, providing services for urgent and regular cleaning.

High reputation of the company HOME DEPOT is kept due to excellent quality of work and relatively low cost of our services. Cleaning of residential and office space is one of the priority directions of our activity, and we perform it efficiently and reliably.

We will be glad to answer all questions by phone: +971 4 3214 320