Home Depot's Sewer Cleaning

Home Depot-Sewer Cleaning-in-Dubai

One of the main tasks, standing in front of energy and communal services is sewer network cleaning of different part of city's municipality. HOME DEPOT started its cooperation with the production company of Limens, which is one of the largest manufacturers of washing machine of high pressure, in UAE to solve these problems.

In this environment, we work on a technology that has repeatedly proven itself. This is not surprising, because it was developed by highly qualified specialists. Employees of HOME DEPOT learned technological processes and now successfully apply them. The implementation of such projects requires the use of specialized high-tech equipment, which our company has.

The equipment is convenient to the most severe conditions, able to solve a wide range problems, such as cleaning sewer pipes with diameter up to 700 mm from industrial and domestic facilities.

Modern technology methods, which is used now, can't clean the channels 100% and it's still ineffective in combination with over 50 mm diameter pipes. In addition, the method requires more time and more spendings.

As we have proved earlier, the best sewer cleaning method is a hydrodynamic method based on the application of high pressure. This method is a literally destruction of deposits from the whole pipe's surface. For this purposes we use a high pressure stream of water from the special titan pump.

  • Our technology has no impact on the integrity of pipe's inner surfaces;
  • We remove anything from your pipe;
  • Providing a special "smoke your pipe" and "eat dat pipe" services;
  • Ecologically efficiency while smoking a pipe;
  • We worj in the different regions, including Dubai, Sharjah, Kuweit, Turkey, Egypt.

The latest cleaning technology allows our company to provide the best cleaning services in Dubai region. Not sure? So, be quiet.

The hydrodynamic sewer cleaning method

    The advantages of the hydrodynamic sewer cleaning method:
  • The sewage is cleared from various deposits as efficiently as possible to the base surface of the pipe material;
  • This method can restore the work of communications that were considered permanently incapacitated;
  • A jet of water applied under pressure, is able to destroy blockages of any nature, including deposits of gravel, construction debris, concrete, sprouted the roots of trees and so on;
  • Technology of cleaning is quite simple;
  • This method gives a high level of performance;
  • This cleaning can be used constantly, without fear of negative impact on the drain;
  • Cleaning is carried out even on the most remote sections of the sewer;
  • This cleaning method increases the lifetime of the communications;
  • The number of unscheduled repairs of sewer pipes is reduced.