A Short Guide to Quad Bike Desert Tours

A Quad bike desert tour experience is outstandingly amazing - you get to experience the speed on a whole new level, see the view of the desert, and the feeling of racing on a quad bike. Dubai has the best infrastructure and is known for its shopping malls and nightlife plus an exotic way of life. You can enjoy quite several fun-filled phenomena such as adventures to sporty locations. Enjoy an exciting trip on Dubai desert safari Quad bike and lots more. The write-up is meant to provide you with a short guide to driving quad bikes while on a desert tour in the Emirate.

Desert Safari Quad Bike

Basics About Quad Biking

Quad bike otherwise referred to as an ATV, is a 3 or 4-wheeled vehicle with low weighted tyres and conveniently placed handlebars. These machines are intended to navigate various out of reach landscapes. Thus, they are sometimes used by militaries to reach scenes involving snow, sand, and rocks. These vehicles are also used for recreational activities such as a desert tour. The riders can evade insane traps and bounce incredibly, due to the additional parity of its wheels. They are useful to mount rocks in channels, sloppy territory, and also glide on the desert terrain. Dubai is an ideal spot to go for quad-biking among other desert activities like hill slamming and sand cruising. Dubai's popular sand ridges referred to as the BigRed Dunes, inferable from its natural red colour is the go-to destination for the said activity in the Emirate.

What you Need to Do

The activity can be scary and invigorating for both learners and specialists alike, and you must avoid danger while quad biking. It is subsequently imperative to drive safe while on tour and consider a few things.

  1. You have to be 15 years of age or above to be qualified to ride alone
  2. Wear safety gear
  3. Ensure the working condition of the vehicle
  4. It is quite imperative to start slow
  5. Be sure to follow permits, laws or rules that are outlined and listen to your tour guide.
  6. Keep a distance of a minimum of 20 meters between you and other riders.