Cheap Electricity by Sunergy Solar

We all know that solar power is the future of our coming generation. The sources of energy are finishing day by day, and we all are really in need of new resources which can never come to an end. So scientists found a never ending source of energy in the form of sunlight. It was obvious that the basic energy which was required to create electricity is the heat energy, and in the sunlight, we can get a large amount of heat if we can use it in the correct way. So for this purpose, Solar energy system was being invented and it started to be used in many daily life applications all over the world including solar water pumping system in UAE is one of them.

The main advantage of using this solar energy system is that every single person on this planet can equally get the benefits out of it. Due to the invention of solar cells, it brought a new and revolutionary change into this world. There are basic two benefits of having a solar cell. First and the most common advantage is to get the electricity for commercial and residential purposes. Secondly, there are many countries like Canada, Germany, Sweden, Iceland etc. which remains cold throughout the year and of course that it is really tough to provide the heat to the houses because as the result all the forests will start to end.




So scientists came up with another solution which was the solar cells. As the solar cells are used to store the heat energy, so instead of rectifying this energy they decided to give it directly to the houses. Soon this idea was not considered as beneficial as there is not the excess amount of heat energy. So still the scientists are trying to find the solution of this problem.

The reason that why scientists are stuck up with just this source of energy is because that:

  • This source of energy is beneficial for our environment
  • It is never ending source of energy
  • There is no pollution due to it as it is environment-friendly method
  • Besides wind energy, it is available all time
  • It can even be developed for the home and for the commercial use

For all of you, it is really necessary to understand its working and principle. As we all know that it is a renewable source of energy. One solar cell is made up of many small photocells which are also named as silicon wafers. These wafers actually convert the heat energy into the electric energy and also they are used to store the heat energy. This effect is called Photovoltaic effect. In this effect, if a material comes in contact with the sunlight then due a chemical and physical reaction they start to produce the electric current, which is then transferred further. In a solar panel, there are many small silicon wafers arranged in a manner under a thin sheet of glass.