How to Extend Your Car Battery Life?

As the lifespan of the battery of the car is not more than 10 years but still you can increase it depending on various factors. In case you don’t want to take chances and just buy a new battery, you could call for a car battery delivery Dubai. But here are some other ideas that could help you improve the lifespan of the batter.

Limit Short Rides

Avoid taking your car for short trips, as it drains the car battery soon. You can maintain the car’s driving power by taking the vehicle out for a drive frequently and for longer periods. If you are not a person who can use a car on a regular basis, you can definitely buy a portable battery charger. This charger will help the car to jump start the battery.

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Fasten the Battery Tightly

If the car battery isn’t properly placed or fixed on the plate, then it will make a vibration or a bad sound while driving. This will also lead to short circuit or cause internal damage. You need to check the battery’s terminals properly when you are riding on a bumpy road so as to ensure that it is tightly fixed. 

Turn Off the Lights Before Leaving

Keeping the lights on needlessly for long periods would eventually bring down the battery charge to zero. But this is something you can easily avoid. Just make sure that all lights are switched when you deboard from the car. Also make it a point to not keep any accessories inside the car that could compound to this problem.

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Take the Battery Out

It is important to conduct periodic checks if you want to know the true state of the battery. To ensure it works well and for a longer time, then you need to check frequently. If you are using an older battery, then you can change the battery with a newer one to increase the lifespan.

Clean the Wires

Keep a note on the bolts or fasteners that are used to connect the wires to the car battery. If this gets corroded, then it will contribute towards a reduction in the car battery’s lifespan. Also check the tray above which you have kept the battery. If it is corroded, then you can definitely replace it or clean it.

Maintaining the car frequently will help you in eliminating the wear and tear of the car. So, it’s better to maintain the car frequently. A reputable company will be glad to help you out if you need any assistance.