How to Pack Your Rental Car for a Road Trip in Dubai

Whether you are going on a road trip, a weekend away or on a full-on international trip to Dubai, there is one problem which remains common across all plains: luggage space.

Even if you cheap Dubai hire car for traveling purposes there is still the issue of luggage optimization. No matter how hard you try, it seems as though the luggage will just never fit in the way that you need it to.

So, before you work yourself into a frustrated sweat have a look at some tips that luggage packing experts have to ensure you manage to pack everything you need without the struggle.

Road Trip

Take Passengers into Consideration

When you are looking for the perfect rental car for you and your family to use while travelling, remember to take comfort and luggage into account. You might have booked a vehicle large enough to accommodate a seat for each family member but that does not mean that there is enough space for all the luggage. You do not want family members sitting with bags on their laps; it is not only uncomfortable, but it is also unsafe. Make sure to rent a larger size vehicle to ensure there is enough packing room.

Material Makes A Difference

It might seem unlikely at the get-go but the material your bags are made of makes a large difference to the amount of packing space you will have. Hard bags are less pliable than softer leather or canvas bags and have less give. When trying to pack on top or around a hard bag there is not much you can do other than lay it flat; whereas, a softer bag can be squeezed and turned to maximize space. Softer bags are also lighter which will save you extensive amounts on luggage costs at the airport.

Packing Objects with Strange Shapes

Luggage with strange shapes like surfboards, tripods, and strollers can pose a particular problem to the successful packing of your vehicle. In times like this, it is best to rent a vehicle with a back seat that can collapse. Otherwise, a trailer or roof rack can also be great to store oddly-shaped luggage such as this.

Packing Objects

Big Is Not Always Better

Travelers often think that a single big bag is better than multiple small bags. While it is more convenient, it is more difficult to pack into a vehicle. You also pay higher levies on large bags at the airport because of the same reason: large bags take up too much space. It is better to use two medium-sized bags instead of a single large one.

Easy Packing Technique

It is not only about getting everything into the vehicle but also getting it out easily. Large bags should be packed at the bottom with their handles facing outward. This is so it is easier to pull it out when unpacking. This also allows you to see how much space you have to work with and where smaller, softer bags can be squeezed in. It is also important to remember to place fragile items at the top.