Storage facilities by Triburg

Dubai is a hub of economy. Every day new businesses launch and look for the opportunity to grow in the challenging world of organizations. Specially for shipment they need a reliable facility. Working in Dubai and for the people of Dubai since years and have a remarkable expertise in storage Freight forwarding etc, we assure you of our services the complete safety of your shipments which needs to be transported anywhere you want either within Dubai or outside Dubai. So now if you are trying to extend your business and want to spread the marketing of your products outside Dubai then Triburg is all set for your help where storage and shipment of your products are required.

Storage and Warehouses

When a shipment is to be transported from one place to another its storage is the primary need of consideration. Best storage facilities should be provided for the protection from any type of damage that can occur to the shipment. You can find many companies as third-party logistics provider but you will find Triburg best of them all. What makes the Triburg best of all is its best storage conditions, warehouse leases and cold storage for rent. We process your whole cargo ready for transportation. In this process of preparing your cargo ready for departure, following is done

  • Stuffing the containers with cargo goods
  • Wrapping the cargo and sealing it properly
  • Labeling so it would not get misplaced
  • Pest control to avoid any damage caused by pest
  • Reporting any irregularity or discrepancy
  • Stock counting to assure our own services
  • Monitoring the production and expiry date of your products
  • Barcode scanning

Triburg offers best storage spaces and warehouses in whole Dubai predominantly focused on your food export and import. You can also look for food registration activities with which Triburg will be willing to help you like

  • Lab tests facility
  • Clearance and inspection by municipality
  • Health certificate, origin certificate etc. documentation
  • Barcode registration

Of all our services what ties all this together is our warehouse management system EXACTUS™ AWARE®. Through this service we can track all the cargo at whichever point we want from arrival to our warehouse to whichever point you want where our company is dealing with your cargo. We show flexibility about the handling of cargo according to each client’s specific needs. Whatever conditions required are provided to our client’s cargo in order to keep the shipment safest. In addition to that, our clients can have full access to information regarding their shipment at any stage you like to. You can log in whenever you want to your stock details. Every cargo that once has entered in our warehouse in Dubai has also entered into AWARE® from where its progress can be easily scanned with the help of barcode. Above were all the reasons you should go for Triburg.