Throw A Stain-Free Party With First Call

Whenever we are hosting a party, cleaning is always the hardest part. Of course, it would be easier to hire events planner or even choose a venue to prevent yourself from cleaning but if it’s just a simple house party, here are some tips First Call Cleaning Services LLC offers for a clean free party.

Before The Party

General cleaning before party in your homeBefore throwing house parties, aside from making yourself ready, make your house ready as well. Here are some tips to remember.

  • Start Cleaning From Your Doorstep - Well, if you are the guest, would you like to step in the house when the first thing you see is dirt? Before the event make sure to clean your door, doorknob, change your doormats, and sweep the dirt and dust that is lingering on your furniture and house for years.
  • Focus On Your Kitchen. Either you like it or not, people will always ransack your kitchen to see the food you prepare for them. So, before anything else, make your kitchen ready for it. Clean your kitchen sinks, kitchen cabinets, your silverwares and fridge. These things will be the first one your guests will see upon entering your kitchen so make sure to make them sparkling clean.
  • Get Your Kids Involved. Cleaning is easier if there are a lot of helping hands. You can always ask your kids for help. You can make the house cleaner and teach your kids do household chores at the same time.

After The Party

Home cleaning after partyAfter-party cleaning is harder than pre-event cleaning. You will find a lot of broken things and undesirable stains in your wares. So here are some tips for your after party cleaning:

  • Cleaning Your Glass wares And Kitchen wares - This is one of the hardest parts of cleaning. There will be a lot of lipstick stains, fingerprints and juice stains. Make sure to wash your glasswares in a warm soapy solution with a half cup of vinegar. You can also soak your wares in a vinegar solution overnight to help remove the stains. For your pots, pans and other kitchenwares, you can use soda to remove the stains. Let the soda sit-in overnight and you can easily wipe it off the next morning.
  • Wine Stains - This is one of the most unavoidable stains during party especially on carpets. It would be easier if you won’t let the wine dry up on your carpet. You can use solutions and pour it directly on the wine stain to make it easier to clean later on. Remember to not forcefully wipe it off from the carpet for it will just make things more difficult for you.