Why is Car Leasing So Popular in the Emirate?

This business is quite lucrative in Dubai. They go by the principle that the longer your care lease period, the cheaper your contract will be. Leasing a car involves you paying a monthly fee which varies according to the type of car you want. This fee will cover your registration, annual insurance, and all maintenance costs. Therefore, you just have to worry about buying gas and not damaging the vehicle. Now, which other reasons should make me lease a car in Dubai?

Why Should I Lease A Car?

Car Rent Leasing in Dubai

Many analyses have shown that for UAE residents, it is cheaper to rent a car than to own it. When your leasing contract ends, you can buy the vehicle at a predefined price or extend your lease period. Renting a car helps you make up your mind on the car you eventually want to buy. This is because as you rent, you get to try out different types of vehicles. That way, you know which one works for you.

When buying a car, you are expected to pay 20% of the cost in cash while for a lease, you will only pay for three months upfront. According to the terms of their contract, leasers can be fined for exceeding the mileage they agreed with the owners. Car owners can sell their cars at any time. However, a car lease cannot terminate the contract early. A reputable and very professional car lease service provider will only terminate the contract for a very good reason. One of them being if you go against the terms of the contract or if you are no longer interested in the car.

Basic Requirements to Lease a Car in Dubai

Car Leasing in Dubai

Car leasing in Dubai requires one to be very careful. Otherwise, you will end up making very expensive mistakes. To rent a car in the UAE you must be at least 21 years old. If you are, proceed by going to the website of a company offering this service. Go through it and choose the car you want and go through its package i.e the registration, insurance, etc. After you make your decision, you will have to go to the company’s office in Dubai to sign a contract. They will require several documents from you like your passport, your Dubai Resident Visa, an international driving license and a credit card. There are some countries with agreements with the UAE. These agreements make it completely legal to use your country's driver’s license to drive in Dubai. So, you do not need an international driving license When this is done, you are good to go.

It is not easy watching other people going on exotic vacations while you just sit home. Most of us blame it on not having enough money. However, it is good to realize just how many adventures we are missing out there. It is high time that we got up and decided to do something about that. And don’t forget to lease a car while you’re there.